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Beci Orpin’s Tiny Mammoth children’s clothing label

Deb Reader Find

By Deb in New Fashion on Friday 2 September 2011

Beci Orpin, a long time friend, is a talented designer-illustrator based in Melbourne. I have been inspired by her work for years. Orpin exhibits her work frequently and runs the children’s clothing label, Tiny Mammoth.

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Australian artist Beci Orpin

Lamia Larkin Reader Find

By Lamia Larkin in New Art on Saturday 5 February 2011

Melbourne-based artist Beci Orpin uses a kaleidoscope of colors to create drawings and paper collages of charming mystical characters.

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RIP Princess Tina, G’day Beci Orpin

Patience The Grates Reader Find

By Patience The Grates in New Fashion on Friday 17 April 2009

Princess Tina was probably my favourite clothing line. Behind the label was creative powerhouse and magician, Beci Orpin. I call her a magician because I have no idea how she has accomplished all she has in her short time on this earth. Actually, it’s because she’s extremely talented and hard-working. She makes beautifully whimsical, practical […]

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Beci Orpin and Princess Tina

Casper Johansson Reader Find

By Casper Johansson in New Illustration on Monday 9 July 2007

Melbourne-based artist Beci Orpin pretty much does it all – from illustration to screen printing, textile and fashion design. We spoke to her recently about her work: Your website is very cute. Got a thing for teeth? ‘Surprisingly not. The tooth was inspired by a dentist sign I used to walk past everyday on the way to work. For some reason, it struck a chord with me. So one day I did my own tooth [which features as the opening image on her website]. I didn’t use it for anything for a few months, but then I used it at the last minute for my second Princess Tina collection and people loved it. So it just kind of grew from there’.

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Beci Orpin

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Events on Saturday 16 June 2007

Sydney’s Monster Children Gallery has an exhibition of new works from Australian artist Beci Orpin kicking off on June 21st. In The Shadows sees Orpin ‘expanding on themes she has been exploring for some time – secrets, darkness, folklore and adolescent memories. Taking her past work on wood into 3-dimensions, Orpin will install a tree […]

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