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Das Monk Skull Fingers tee

Our friends at Australian t shirt label Das Monk recently released a new range of tees, including this one above, Skull Fingers, which features a cool screen print on a … Read more


The WeMe Illiterate tee

For visual people who rely on shapes and imagination, this eye test t-shirt by Hong Kong-based studio, WEME, is a perfect conversation starter. It’s available through the Lost At E … Read more


Boo Ware says Boo!

There’s a fun range of prints up on the Boo Ware site, a Sydney based t-shirt label that began selling at the legendary Paddington Markets in 2003. You can still … Read more


Monsieur T

Far be it for me to present myself as being an expert in t-shirts, but heck, this range of tees from Portland label, Monsieur T is just pure fun. I’ve … Read more


Das Monk tees

Ok, so I’m speaking from first-hand perspective here because as I type on this warm morning, with the faintest slither of sun creeping its way through the privacy blinds in … Read more

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