Featured Image for Psychedelic sci-fi doodles by Micah Lidberg


Check out the fantastical Photoshop creations from Shichigoro. Although most of his pieces don’t have a story behind them, your mind can easily fill in the blanks.


Zenith The Film

In the hellish future of 2044, human beings have become stupefied by the state of permanent happiness they’ve been genetically altered to experience. ‘Dumb’ Jack offers relief via drugs that … Read more


A World is Born by Brandon McConnell

Brandon McConnell creates amazing colorful vistas in minutes, and shares his techniques with Robert H. Ross-style videos. I stumbled across one on Youtube, and before my disbelieving eyes, what looked … Read more


John Lytle Wilson

John Lytle Wilson inserts fantastic sci-fi creatures into the foreground of random generic paintings, adding new outlandish life to otherwise sedentary environments.


Tim Simmons

UK-based Tim Simmons imbues his long-exposure photographs of ‘humanature’ — a term coined by photographer Peter Goin to describe natural terrain with manmade features — with a sense of sci-fi … Read more


Anton Grechko

Russian illustrator Anton Grechko has a painterly approach to rendering images, giving even his sci-fi work a classic feel.

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