Featured Image for Found At E Minor: These incredible hyper-realistic drawings are made with just a ballpoint pen

Keepers Of The Flame

Oil painting of children of different cultures connected by abstract shapes and colors with a line of gold leaf representing the value of life and our link to the future.


Will Cotton’s candy world

Oh man! I just want to curl up inside one of Will Cotton’s artworks and immerse myself in the sweetness of its surrounds.


Lu Hao

Lu Hao is an incredible Chinese artist who paints meticulous and insanely detailed depictions of organized everyday collections in China, like shelves of CDRs, all painted with ink on silk. … Read more


David Kassan

Brooklyn-based artist David Kassan paints such lifelike portraits, they practically leap off the canvas: ‘As an expression of his own calculated observation and visual consumption of surrounding environment, introspective glimpses … Read more

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