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Paintings of young girls by Sara Sanz

Sara Sanz’s paintings feature little girls that belong to an unreal world. They are hybrids of people and animals, beings of a ‘familiar’ nature that create a complex language. Sanz’s … Read more


Colourful portrait art by Karlin Collette

The drawings and paintings by LA-based artist Karlin Collette combine saccharine sweet imagery with quiet, somewhat dark symbolism. She uses bright, saturated colors to paint her heroines and enjoys incorporating … Read more


Antonia Griva

My work is surrealistic and dominated by figures often seen in colourless or one color background. These figures live in a world of silence, almost always sunk in an emotional … Read more


The surreal artwork of Mimi Leung

Returning to Hong Kong after graduating from The Royal College of Art inspired artist Mimi Leung to create the series The Hope and Struggle. Motifs such as disease, mutation and … Read more


Chris Mars

Chris Mars paints the kind of paintings you’d expect to find in the basement of a serial killer after he’s shown the cops where all the bodies are.


Hang up your hangups

Ok, a confession. And one made with the full weight of its implications bearing down on me like a load of feathers. Extra soft ones of course (well, it is … Read more


Pop Subversion

On Friday, February 8th, Ad Hoc Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, will play host to a large group of both established and emerging artists from the realms of street … Read more

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