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Hidden pencil notebooks

Wow, Robie Rogge and Joe Shouldice designed a notebook-and-pencil set for MoMA that cleverly skips around the usual pencil-tucked-in-spine feature and hides the pencil right in the cover of the … Read more


Surrealist portraits by Iain Macarthur

A creative artist based in England, Iain Macarthur produces lovely surrealist works and unique portraits displayed in unusual ways. Using mostly pencil, watercolors, and pigment pens as his medium, his … Read more


Dominique Merven

Drawing inspiration from travel, surrealism, dreams and nature, these illustrations by Dominique Merven are hand-drawn with graphite and ink.

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Dalton Getty

What do you see in this picture? Pencils? Look again. They’re sculptures. Dalton Getty has been patiently carving sculptures from pencils for 25 years. He creates amazing miniature pieces of … Read more

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