Christopher Norris

When asked to describe his work to a stranger, Christopher Norris writes: ‘Pencil and ink drawings that hinge abjectly on transgressive statements, haunted house imagery and thick seeming minimalism, hopefully … Read more


Edwina White exhibits in NYC

The Kinz, Tillou and Feigen Gallery in New York is hosting an exhibition of recent drawings by Australian-born, Brooklyn-based illustrator Edwina White [above] and altered book sculptures by Brian Dettmer … Read more


James Gustavson

New York-based James Gustavson’s illustrations have been featured in Elle, City Hall News, and The Rambler, amongst others.


Yuko speaks in Philly

New York-based illustrator, and regular Lost at E Minor contributor, Yuko Shimizu is heading to Philadelphia to give a lecture and attend the opening of an exhibition of her illustrations … Read more


Sam Weber

Yes, we’ve featured him a lot on Lost At E Minor, but how could we not? New York-based artist Sam Weber’s work is amazing, tapping into dreams, visions, and fantasies … Read more


Autumn Whitehurst

A perennial favourite, Autumn Whitehurst creates seamless vector pieces that shimmer with lustful beauty. We asked her how reflective her illustration aesthetic is of her lifestyle aesthetic: ‘My illustrations are … Read more

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