Aaron Meshon

Admiring the work of New York illustrator Aaron Meshon, you can’t help but start to feel like a happy go lucky little kid. And it’s a safe bet to assume … Read more


Maho Kino

For anyone living in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn area, you may already be familiar with Maho Kino’s passel of peanuts engaged in everything from ballet to riding dogs to playing the … Read more


Inside Sam Weber’s studio

We caught up with New York-based artist Sam Weber recently to get the inside word on where most of his creativity is unleashed: his studio space. In regards to your … Read more


Misaki Kawai

I was just recently introduced to the work of artist Misaki Kawai. I must say that my interest in her work has since become something of a creative obsession. Her … Read more


The wood art of Cosme Herrera

The work of Brooklyn artist Cosme Herrera is beautiful, subtle and imbued with a deep sense of meaning. ‘As I constantly question man-made constructs, I search for a universal language’, … Read more


Brendan Monroe and Evah Fan open up

The duo of Brendan Monroe and Evah Fan are one of those creative, powerhouse couples. Though two entirely individual artists, the influence they exert upon one another is subtle yet … Read more

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