Featured Image for En Masse: a Montreal art initiative

Le Naked Lunch: gourmet canned lunches

If the words “canned” and “meat” scare you a little, dredging up uncomfortable associations with Spam, we totally understand. But Quebec-based ‘conserverie artisanale’ has dared to show us that the … Read more


Snap! Montreal: Issue 12

Montreal’s only free and independent quarterly magazine SNAP! delivers a quirky mix of fashion, art and youth culture in their new 10×14 inch matte paper format. Their twelfth issue hit … Read more


Montreal’s SNAP! magazine

I’ve been a big fan of free street magazine SNAP!, which casts a discerning eye over creative happenings in the artistic hub of Montreal, since they started. Having edited street … Read more



Decorating the streets of his native Montreal, artist Roadsworth’s work is inbued witn an underlying message about our dependence on cars and is fulled by his desire to create a … Read more


SNAP! Magazine Issue 9

We love free Montreal-based street magazine, SNAP!, which takes an insidery peek at the creative happenings in that lofty city. They’ve just released of Issue 9, in which contributors were … Read more


Stephen Ibbott

Canadian artist Stephen Ibbott’s paintings were on exhibit this summer at Scott Richards Contemporary Art in San Francisco. He is also showing at Galerie de Bellefeuille in Montreal.

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