Featured Image for This artist makes LEGO minifigs of Asians minus the stereotypes

LEGO art by Orion Pax

Remember Dino Riders? I freaking loved Dino Riders because I loved dinosaurs. Orion Pax, who makes incredible Lego pieces of iconic toy, cartoon, and movie scenes and characters, remembers Dino … Read more


LEGO Barad-dur: made from 50,000 pieces

LEGO artist Kevin J. Walter created a replica of Sauron’s fortress, Barad-dur, using over 50,000 LEGO pieces. The finished sculpture is almost as tall as Walter himself! Pretty amazing.


Alphabet made from LEGO spaceships

Cartoonist and designer Mark Anderson spent two years creating an entire alphabet using just LEGO spaceships, which he recently posted in his Flickr page.


Mike Stimpson

Check out Mike Stimpson’s Lego reinterpretations of classic photographs. Stimpson’s version of Malcolm Browne’s iconic 1963 photograph of the self-immolation of Thich Quang Duc is particularly twisted.

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