Featured Image for Bloody Panda remix album

Bloody Panda remix album

Shameless self-promotion here, but my band, Bloody Panda, will be releasing a remix album, and leading up to the release date on November 15th, tracks will be posted one at … Read more


Mick Barr: Coiled Malescence

Mick Barr, guitarist for NYC black metal band Krallice, just came out with his first solo record under his own name. I had the honor of doing the album art.



With bands like Krallice, Liturgy, and now San Francisco-based Deafheaven firmly establishing a subgenre of shimmering, transcendent black metal, many metal purists are throwing the tag ‘hipster’ around a little … Read more



Colin Marston seems hellbent on making other musicians feel worthless with his numerous and prolific projects that include black metal quartet Krallice (with Mick Barr), prog-tech-thrash band Behold… The Arctopus, … Read more


Maryland Deathfest VII

I almost didn’t go to this year’s Maryland Deathfest because it was kind of expensive, and I didn’t have anyone to go with. But then I snapped out of it … Read more



A few years ago, no one could imagine any good black metal bands coming out of New York City. Then Krallice hit the scene, giving the corpse-painted masses hope, and … Read more

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