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Beatallica is a crossover American band that plays songs of The Beatles with a Metallica touch. Formed by Kliff McBurtney, Jaymz Lennfield, Ringo Larz and GRG Hammetson, a non-commercial policy … Read more


Pagan Fest USA

Last night, I caught Pagan Fest at B.B. Kings in NYC. I missed the band that I was the most excited to see, T˘r, but Turisas and Ensiferum more than … Read more


All Known Metal Bands

A while back, McSweeney’s posted Prescription Drug or Metal Band?, a list of words that were either the name of a metal band or a pharmaceutical, on their website.


Malaysian Black Metal

Heavy metal and hip-hop are perhaps the most popular forms of rebellion for kids the world over. In Malaysia, metal — particularly black metal — has taken such a strong … Read more

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