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les mousses by Etienne Gros

French artist Etienne Gros created these amazing ‘mousses’ out of plastic foam. It blows my mind how he was able to create such life-like forms from such a simple material.


Natalya Lobanova diary art

Despite my having been very interested in poetry for a lot of my life, I’ve resisted the urge to incorporate text into my art because I sometimes feel it’s cheap … Read more


Pocket Chainsaw

This pocket chainsaw (non motorised, obviously) weighs only five ounces, but can cut through a three-inch-thick tree limb in less than 10 seconds. I will need one of these for … Read more


Brendan Danielsson portraits

Picasso’s portraits of his wives and lovers changed as his feelings towards them changed, with his paintings becoming grotesque as his relationships tanked. Brendan Danielsson seems to have a permanently … Read more


Melanie Authier abstract paintings

The depth, lighting, and detail of Melanie Authier’s paintings create an illusion of representation where there is none, and the viewer is compelled to assemble something out of the abstraction … Read more


Chrissy Angliker

At the beginning of last year, I was doing a lot of relatively large-scale, drippy paintings. I did one based on a photograph I took of a slaughtered donkey in … Read more


Cell Phone photography

I’m one of those people who lament the death of analog film as a medium, not because I romanticize the process, but because I love the unpredictable imperfections inherent in … Read more

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Anagram Genius

If you dug deep and mixed it up a bit, you might see Lost At E Minor as just a ‘toilsome rant’, churning out ‘radiant scum’ (music and art) on … Read more

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