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Beautiful Japanese-inspired surrealist paintings

These gorgeous photorealist paintings by Moki deserve a second look. And then a third and fourth. The Berlin-based artist specializes in camouflaging people into breathtaking, northern landscapes. Rugged mountains, untouched … Read more


Tiny models by Frank Kunert

German artist Frank Kunert builds tiny models of convincing but subtly absurd scenes, which he then photographs.


Olaf Hajek

German artist Olaf Hajek’s work will be featured in a solo show at Berlin’s exclusive Werft 2 project space on November 10. The exhibition will include a combination of new … Read more


Incredible mobile sound system with tank treads

German artist Nik Nowak, who makes awesome installations and sculptures that incorporate amplified sound and kinetic/mechanical elements, created this awesome mobile sound system with tank treads provocatively entitled Panzer.


Revi Oliver: Bees and Blossoms artwork

Today I found something special: Bees & Blossoms by the German artist Revi Oliver, who works as a graphic designer for The Yellow Press in Munich. This rocks.

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Horse heels by Iris Schieferstein

Yes, indeed they’re real horse and goat hooves! German artist Iris Schieferstein specialises in creating very flamboyant boots and shoes made from a combination of deceased animal parts and other … Read more

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