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Fuck Yeah, Ryan Gosling

We are more than willing to overlook that unfortunate stint he had with the Mickey Mouse Club because The Gos-meister reigns supreme. He loves his ma, he breaks up street … Read more

Cool Websites

Cheese People Tumblr

It’s hard to pinpoint my reasons for loving this Cheese People Tumblr. Is it because I’m a little bit obsessed with cheese, in both its physical and metaphorical forms? Or … Read more

Cool Websites

Animals Talking In All Caps

Oh man, an entire blog dedicated to humorous animal pics with clever, shouty captions. What more could you possibly want? Yes, we agree: this is officially our new favourite Tumblr.

Cool Websites

Birds With Arms

This might have been happening for a while now on the Internet, but it still puts a smile on my face every time I look at them. As far as … Read more

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