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Cats in the sink

Explain this: if cats hate water, what are they doing in the sink? Are they thirsty? Is the sink simply too ‘cat-sized’ to ignore? We could try to read the … Read more


Sims gone wrong

Part of the fun that comes with playing a game like The Sims is seeing how messed up the characters can get. In steps the Sims Gone Wrong tumblr which … Read more

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Dogs dressed as crustaceans

Britta Gustafson could not have put it more succinctly than she did when she described this collection thus: ‘Flickr says “click here to tell people why you created this gallery”, … Read more


Baseball Card Vandals

I collected baseball cards briefly as a kid, because that was just what you did. I didn’t enjoy it at all. Had I been the one to think of Baseball … Read more

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Sharks with human teeth

Sure, say we are late to the club, but Sharks With Human Teeth, a subreddit on Reddit, is one of these timeless treats. It’s exactly what it says: sharks, photoshopped … Read more

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