Featured Image for The Internet is amused by this father-son pair’s gloomy expression while riding on a Disney ride
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Perfectly Timed Photos

If ridiculous photos are not the best thing about the Internet, then I don’t know what is. Perfectly Timed Photos is about to steal about 40 minutes of your day, … Read more


Flower gives us the finger

First we had eagles throwing goats off of cliffs, now we have this beautiful flower surreptitiously giving us the finger. I’m all for praising Mother Nature and all that, but … Read more


Banana Panic

Did you ever wonder what goes on inside a banana before you eat it? This photo illustrates the horrors these little yellow mates go through. We’re now seriously concerned for … Read more


Even Ninja Turtles need to eat

Who cares if you’re a fast talkin’ turtle, out to save the world. Even they get peckish sometimes. Pizza? Hmmm. Let’s just hope Raphael beat the gutter rats to it.

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