Featured Image for La Femme’s Sur La Planche

La Femme’s Sur La Planche

Paris surf-pop band, La Femme, are soon to release a four-track EP (December 13 on 3rd Side Records) featuring the commanding single below, Sur La Planche. [audio:http://girlieaction.com/music/la_femme/downloads/Sur_La_Planche.mp3]


Shaka Ponk’s Hell’o

Paris-based Shaka Ponk’s sound blends electro, rock, punk, and dance with a stunning live show that combines advanced digital animation and an unsurpassed display of energy from the band members.


French band, Cocoon

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Trop Tard

French duo Trop Tard make straight-faced, Suicide-esque, synth-and-guitar electro tunes that sound like dark rituals performed in the catacombs beneath the streets of Paris. Repetitive, bleak, and cold, this is … Read more


The Do’s On My Shoulders

You know that band you’ve always wanted to form, the one with the little-girl-lost singer with the mischevious eyes and the propulsive beats that drive bass hooks so catchy you … Read more

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