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Aya Kakeda

Brooklyn-based illustrator Aya Kakeda has used a wide range of materials for her Yoshitomo Nara-esque images, but there’s something particularly compelling about her embroidered work. The constraints and distortions inherent … Read more


Kathleen Lolley

Kathleen Lolley takes a narrative approach to her folky paintings, using fairy-tale, fantastical, and mythological imagery to weave cryptic stories both imaginary and referential to her personal life.


JJ Cromer

There’s something folk arty about JJ Cromer’s work, and it would certainly translate well onto textiles. If Joan Miro had spent time in Africa and set up shop in rural … Read more


Sarajo Frieden

The artwork of Los Angeles-based Sarajo Frieden literally explodes out of the canvas, this challenging, confronting, colourful burst of shapes and textures, at once disjointed yet somehow perfectly in place. … Read more


Matthew Palladino

Described as being ‘familiar, yet horribly unique and fresh’, San Francisco-based artist Matthew Palladino creates portraits of American life that are inspired by current media events. The often raw and … Read more


Maxwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch

I’ve been enthralled for quite a while now with the work of San Francisco artist Maxwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch. His illustrations embody a sense of spontaneity and raw feeling, much … Read more


Mamma Anderson

When looking at the beautiful paintings of Mamma Anderson, I almost get the impression that the art world is being forced to look back upon itself. The body of her … Read more

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