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New study to track altruism in vampire bats

This crowd-funded appeal to conduct non-invasive behaviorial experiments on vampire bats — which have been observed to be ‘extreme social cooperators’ — recently ended successfully. The research will use the … Read more


LUMI rainwater tank

Rainwater tanks are here to stay. Not only is the general populace turning to them as the realization sinks in that water is a scarce resource, but they are also … Read more


Switchgrass derived bioplastics

With the growing recognition that petroleum-based plastics are killing the planet and giving us cancer comes an increasing interest in biodegradable bioplastics that come from more sustainable sources. Environmental tech … Read more


Andy Goldsworthy

British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy uses found materials to make his site-specific pieces. A devout environmentalist, his work aims to draw out the impermanent yet ethereal character of the spaces in … Read more


Michael Pollan on the beef recall

Seriously, not to be preachy, but why are you still eating fast food? Eating habits are not matters of personal choice anymore. Most environmentalists, not to mention nutritionists and even … Read more

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