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Hoodies made from recycled sex dolls

Dutch artist Sander Reijgers creates awesome hoodies, coats and tracksuits from recycled sex dolls. Let’s hope they’ve been well washed before he gets his hands on them.


Wild Animals by Rop van Mierlo

Wild Animals by Dutch artist Rop van Mierlo is a collection of his amazing wash paintings of animals. Allowing the inks and watercolors to soak and spread on the paper … Read more


Lobke van Aar

Dutch artist Lobke van Aar’s portraits remind me of Devo character Booji Boy. They creep me out just a little bit, but in a good way.


Ron van der Ende

Dutch artist Ron van der Ende makes unbelievable basrelief sculptures from scrap wood that confound the viewer’s sense of space. While the big ones such as the jetliner are attention-grabbers, … Read more

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