Featured Image for Picassohead lets you paint like the great artist

Lizz Hickey

Brooklyn artist Lizz Hickey specializes primarily in print, her DIY comics-inspired imagery translating well into the medium with their blobs of shape and color layered over with intricate patterns and … Read more


Josh Pogue

Josh Pogue’s style reminds me of old DIY punk and metal demo covers, but he takes things to a different level with his intricately patterned, fantastical scenes that look like … Read more


Jimmy Joe Roche Revisited

My previous post about Jimmy Joe Roche was less than glowing because I based my opinion on a few silly videos I saw which embodied a certain type of sloppy-passing-for-DIY … Read more


Aurel Schmidt

Aurel Schmidt’s intricate drawings make me want to start a band just so I can use it as album art. The DIY-outsider tack many artists have taken of late has … Read more

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