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Map of Metal

Metal Heads Unite! And thanks to this map, it makes bridging the gap that much easier. Tread the lands of Death, Black, and every other kind of metal you can … Read more


Disfiguring the Goddess: Void Leacher

Disfiguring the Goddess is a guttural death metal band designed to alienate women, parents and normies. These guys take the pummeling, cookie monster shtick to a cartoonish almost surreal level. … Read more


Hooded Menace

I had to put up with some seriously obnoxious jocks and drunken highschool kids at a recent show featuring flavor-of-the-moment acts that did the whole ecstatic, 80s electro thing that’s … Read more


Xrin Arms

Anthony Vincent has been roaming the country for the past few years under the name Xrin Arms (pronounced ‘Yer-In Arms’), sand-blasting hearts and minds with his onslaught of digital grindcore … Read more



Crust bands have always taken from and given to other subgenres of extreme music — after all, Discharge was largely responsible for inspiring the grindcore bands that begat death metal. … Read more


Cattle Decapitation

San Diego death metal band Cattle Decapitation are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Their schtick is pretty silly — they are anti-human vegetarians who pound out grinding, … Read more


Meshuggah’s Bleed

Meshuggah are a much better band recorded than live, at least based on the only time I saw them a couple years ago when they were touring in support of … Read more

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