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Homemade wine-making kit

A lot of people are into homebrew these days, but I’m much more of a wine person, so this kit for making homemade wine really excites me.


The Blonde Bombshell

The Blonde Bombshell is right. With its inspired pulp-movie-esc look and feel this new California white is sure to seduce. The brainchild of wine maker Jeff Booth, The Blonde Bombshell … Read more



Ever been totally confounded by the wine selection at your local booze shop? 94wines is here to help. Using a fun little survey on its website, the Dutch company claims … Read more


Blasted Church Vineyards

Inventive, quirky, and a creative force in the Canadian wine industry: this is Blasted Church Vineyards. Taking its name and imagery from the true story of a mining era church … Read more


Luchador Wines

There are several cool things about this Australian Shiraz, Luchador Wine. The first is obvious: the eye-catching label with its bright illustrative work, imagined by the creative design team, Morning … Read more

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