Featured Image for Australia’s Alpha Box and Dice wines

Inkwell wine bottles by Mash

Australian vintners Inkwell commissioned design firm Mash to create a new look for their bottles. The inkblot concept may seem obvious, but it’s really well done, and lends the bottles … Read more


Campari’s Art Label Collection

Continuing in its tradition of striking brand imagery, the oh-so Italian apertif, Campari, has launched three inspired reinterpretations of its label. To celebrate its 150th birthday, the brand enlisted three … Read more


Marauding Vintners

So, first, a basic ‘You Ought To Know’ fact about wine. Expensive and palette seducing alcoholic grape juice always, and I mean always, highlights a sense a place. Meaning that … Read more


R Wines’ Chateau Chateau

Is that a one thousand dollar bottle of Mouton Rothschild with a label emblazoning the commissioned work of a famed artists such as Kadinsky, Chagall, Dali or Picasso? No and … Read more



Want to add a little mystery to your wine? How about something with a wondrous past? Well, look no further than Vinaceous. Hailing from Australia, Vinaceous Wines rock striking labels … Read more


Esule wine labels by Mash Design

From the cool cats at Mash Design, comes yet another stellar set of creative, fun wine labels. This time around, Mash’s imaginative energy was put towards a series of designs … Read more


Matsu’s photographic wine series

Renowned photographers Bèla Adler and Salvador Fresneda have paired together with Spanish agency Moruba to create a modern project for sustainable viticulture: Matsu’s photographic wine series. In this beautiful packaging, … Read more


Mollydooker wines

Whenever I can’t decide which wine to choose, I go for the one with the coolest label. That’s exactly how I discovered Mollydooker. This award-winning vineyard not only boasts some … Read more

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