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Petit Pois

If you’re struggling to fulfill your five-a-day vegetable quota, Petit Pois is here to help. Just reach for one of their cupcakes. These charming beauties are, surprisingly, chock full of … Read more


Cupcakes in a Jar

Let’s face it: sometimes, you just need a cupcake. If the urge tends to strike at inopportune moments — when you’re stuck in six o’clock traffic, in the middle of … Read more


Cox Cookies and Cake

Just when we thought the whole cupcake craze was starting to fizzle, along comes high-end shoe designer Patrick Cox with a rad new take on the scrumptious little treats. While … Read more


Red Velvet Fried Chicken

So you think you’re all cupcaked-out? Had enough of the trend, eh? Well get ready for more because at American Cupcake, their red velvet is all the rage – on … Read more


Lola’s Kitchen cupcakes

Cupcakes are to urban eating today what sundried tomatoes and pesto were in the 80s. The fad took over in leaps and bounds a few years back and it remains … Read more

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