Featured Image for Don Pachi Geisha: the most expensive coffee

Newcastle’s One Tree Coffee Co.

It is the perfect summer morning pick-me-up: iced coffee. Cold, refreshing, caffeinated. Pour it over ice, mix in a touch of milk, perhaps a dash of sugar and you’re ready … Read more


Coffee Joulies

As I come from Melbourne, the city of coffee snobs, I would probably never have a use for these Coffee Joulies. But I think these guys are really sweet and … Read more


La Photo Cabine

If you’re like me, pretending you are someplace else is all part of the process of getting through the day. And today I’ve decided I want to be in France … Read more


Cellar Door Coffee

Everyone who knows about coffee in Portland knows Stumptown, but I want to plug one of the new guys in town (relatively speaking), Cellar Door Coffee.


Blue Bottle Coffee Co beans

For an exceptional cuppa joe, try using some Blue Bottle Coffee Co beans. This San Francisco-based company insists — albeit slightly obsessively — on exceptional products and sustainable processes from … Read more

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