Featured Image for Ramen, French Toast and Tortilla flavored chocolates

Askinosie Chocolate

Askinosie Chocolate likes to be first. They’re the first small-batch, 100% traceable bean-to-bar boutique chocolatier in the US to import cocoa beans from the Philippines in 25 years. They’re the … Read more


Designer chocolates from Barcelona

It’s true. Xavier Mor’s packaging does look a bit like cough drops. But Ricola’s got nothing on these chocolate beauties. Hailing from Barcelona, this ‘designer chocolate‘ is the quintessential marriage … Read more


MarieBelle pin-up girl chocolate

Ooo la la! No gift says ‘unwrap me’ like vintage calendar girl pin-ups branded seductively across luxury chocolate bars. From NY-based MarieBelle Sweets, come this tantalizing range of artisanal, haute … Read more


Chocolates with Attitude

Ever since Lucy and Ethel were captured scarfing down chocolates on the conveyor belt, the industrial candy factory image has sort of stuck. But as hilarious as that was, these … Read more


Sweeteeth Chocolates

All of you sweet lovers out there, hear this: The a’chocolypse has arrived, and it’s pretty damn tasty. No, this isn’t the end of the world – it’s just the … Read more


Delectable Chocolate the Mayan Way

Delectable chocolate. Such is the Mayan and Nahuatl English translation of the word Ki-xocolatl. It’s also — not coincidentally, of course — the name of a stellar bean-to-bar Mexican-based chocolate … Read more


Chocri Chocolate: design-your-own bar

What happens when you live in a world that is trending designer chocolate, DIY projects and local cuisine? German founded Chocri, an online interactive design-your-own chocolate bar operation, that’s what. … Read more


Abstract art chocolate packaging

We’re loving this newly launched packaging from Russian-based designer Peter Zharnov. Each wrapper and the chocolate bar within have been created based on infamous abstract works. Here, art and food … Read more

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