Featured Image for Ramen, French Toast and Tortilla flavored chocolates

Designer chocolates from Barcelona

It’s true. Xavier Mor’s packaging does look a bit like cough drops. But Ricola’s got nothing on these chocolate beauties. Hailing from Barcelona, this ‘designer chocolate‘ is the quintessential marriage … Read more


Potato Chips in Chocolate Bar

The latest, greatest flavour from Chuao Chocolatier, as unveiled at the 57th annual Summer Fancy Food Show, is, wait for it, Potato Chips in Chocolate Bar. That’s right: pure, unadulterated … Read more


Le Carré des Chocolatiers

What do you get when the finest chocolate makers of Switzerland are given free rein to unleash their creativity? Le Carré des Chocolatiers, that’s what. And one bite of their … Read more


Luxury vegan chocolate truffles

If the word ‘vegan’ makes you think of raw broccoli and bland tofu-shakes, then you might not believe your taste buds when you bite into one of Hipo Hyfryd’s luxury … Read more


Lucky’s Chocolate

The Queen of Hearts is coming for tea, and you’re worried about losing your head if your sweets aren’t up to par. Enter Lucky’s, a London confectioner with the ticket … Read more


Mindy’s HotChocolate

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of tucking into a sumptuous 72 percent dark French chocolate or zippy cinnamon hot cocoa at Mindy’s HotChocolate’s dark wood-paneled bar can attest to the … Read more


Abstract art chocolate packaging

We’re loving this newly launched packaging from Russian-based designer Peter Zharnov. Each wrapper and the chocolate bar within have been created based on infamous abstract works. Here, art and food … Read more


Delicaseys Chocolates

Delicaseys Chocolates boasts simple packaging, handmade labels, and natural sweets made of quality chocolates, fruits, and nuts. Together, innovative combinations of fresh flavors steep dark chocolate to produce harmonious, artisanal … Read more


Komforte Chockolate

Just about everything is better with chocolate, right? Well how about ramen noodles, French toast, or lime-flavored tortilla chips? You still with us? The folks over at Komforte Chockolate who … Read more

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