Bellta Shotlersuk

Oh boy! This artwork by Bellta Shotlersuk is like staring at the deepest, darkest reaches of your inner-soul and having the damn thing scream right back at you.


Janay Everett

Janay Everett attended the School of Visual Arts in New York before moving to Atlanta where she earned a bachelors degree in fine arts from the Atlanta College of Art. … Read more


Shen Plum

There is a lot to enjoy about the work of artist Shen Plum. It’s a lot like looking through the kaleidoscope into a lovely nuanced wonderland, the one through the … Read more


Polina Zioga

Polina Zioga’s piece Under the Surface interrupted my Wednesday afternoon doldrums, consisting of mind-numbing admin duties that creep up on you after weeks of neglect, and swept me off to … Read more


Liisa Kruusmägi

The work of Estonian artist Liisa Kruusmägi blows my mind. It hits me like the first blast of sunshine after a long and chilly winter.


Andrew Brandou

California-based artist Andrew Brandou draws from the children’s books, as well as the tripped-out, cult obsessed, disillusioned zeitgeist of the 70s when his early consciousness took shape. The storybook-ish quality of his … Read more


Michael Dotson

The work of Washington DC-artist Michael Dotson goes a ways to satisfying my insatiable colour sweet tooth. His work makes my eyes light up. Colour aside, Dotson’s cleanly simplified, geometric … Read more


Fawad Khan

Though his colourful murals, installations, and drawings look playful and whimsical, at the heart of Fawad Khan’s work is a dark and complex political struggle with violence and identity that … Read more

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