Linda Zacks

Working out of Brooklyn, artist Linda Zacks imbues her paintings with a wonderful richness of colour and detail.


Sam Weber illustrates Bjork

I love Sam Weber’s illustration of Bjork. It captures the mischievous twinkle that seems omnipresent in her eyes whilst also presenting her in an environment which pays homage to her … Read more



The website of Jemma Robinson is home to a collection of bright, bold and graphic illustrations.


Marisa Purcell

Marisa Purcell’s work is absolutely stunning. Her latest series of artworks, Only the Memories are New, ‘represents an even further delve by the artist into unchartered realms of the psyche. … Read more


Jessica Gonacha

I love the bold colours and childlike themes in the illustrations of Atlanta, Georgia-based artist, Jessica Gonacha. It’s like Spring time all year round.


Katy Dove

Painter and animator Katy Dove seems to visualise the sliding, bold movements of what it is to be and to feel human. Dove paints in watercolour and scans her images … Read more


Nick Deakin

The artwork of UK-based Nick Deakin is always bold and colourful. He uses characters and type to adorn worn surfaces for clients including Fused magazine, for whom he did a … Read more


Renee Garner

Renee Garner is an artist living and working in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina. Of her beautifully simple yet strikingly coloured work, she says: ‘My university background is in … Read more

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