Featured Image for Confectionary-like art by Shanghai artistXu Zhen

Xiuyuan Zhang

Xiuyan Zhang’s artworks seem to move before your eyes. Smooth lines, somewhat chilling and yet intriguing characters and an Eastern style, how can you look at this art and not … Read more


Ai Weiwei glasses

Graphic designer Aram Bartholl is showing his support for Chinese artist Ai Weiwei with these these awesome F**k Everything glasses. You, too, can can wear these cynical shades and show … Read more


Lui Liu

Growing up during China’s Cultural Revolution and eventually immigrating to Canada in 1991, painter Lui Liu draws heavily from Chinese and Western themes to create his feverishly surreal images.


Lu Cong

Lu Cong’s cultural identity, split between mainland China where he was born in 1978 and small-town Midwest where he immigrated to 11 years later, informs his beautiful portraits mostly of … Read more


Vegetable Museum by Ju Duoqi

Carrying on the tradition of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Chinese artist Ju Duoqi has recreated a bunch of iconic paintings using photos of vegetables.


Li Wei

As Chinese artist Li Wei points out, all we really truly want is to be able to escape the banal rules and regulations of this reality.

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