Josh Holinaty

I’ve always been a fan of the grotesque style of Crumb, Ratfink, and the like. No small wonder then that I really dig the work of Canadian illustrator Josh Holinaty … Read more


Courtney Wotherspoon

Canadian illustrator Courtney Wotherspoon layers delicate image upon image to create the most captivating, colourful kaleidoscopes, an effect only enahanced by her trademark multimedia, everything-and-the-kitchen-sink execution. The result of this … Read more


James White

James White is a mixed-media artist and graphic designer living in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Monika Melnychuk

The illustration work of Monika Melnychuk is wonderfully detailed and beautifully coloured. We interviewed her recently and asked, given her rather nomadic existence, where she is based these days.

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