Featured Image for Whimsical robots made from trash by Nemo Gould

Natalia Fabia

Natalia Fabia is a Polish/American artist, raised and living in California. Her sultry oil paintings often reflect dark, but sparkly real life surroundings adorned with tattooed beauties and fish-net hookers. … Read more


Devin Troy Strother

Devin Troy Strother knows how to throw a party on a canvas with his mixed media explosions of color and cut paper. He’s a California artist transplanted to Brooklyn, and … Read more


Chrystal Chan

Delving into the ouvre of California artist Chrystal Chan, I was pleased to discover a whole world of whimsical fantasies — bunnies on clotheslines, butterflies and magical forests. She’s even … Read more


Chi Birmingham

I’ve always been a huge Milton Avery fan, so the instant I stumbled across the work of Californian artist Chi Birmingham, I was head over heals. I really enjoy how … Read more

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