Featured Image for Strangers share their deepest secrets with train passengers in England

Once Upon A Time by Brighton band Curxes

Once Upon A Time is the latest work from Curxes unfolding fairytale, with their signature foreboding menace juxtaposing the industrial and theatrical to brilliant effect. The song’s inventive kitchen-sink beat … Read more


Katie Scott

Just finishing at Brighton with a degree in Illustration, Katie Scott is one of my favourites from this year’s graduates. Her intricate watercolors resemble medical drawings, but with a closer … Read more


The Great Wall of Vagina

Changing perception about the female body around the world through art; that’s the idea behind this amazing exhibition currently on in Brighton. British artist Jamie McCartney has created a monumental … Read more


Byroglyphics’ abstract artworks

Russ Mills, known in urban art circles as Byroglyphics, is turning heads with his unique juxtaposing of loose, tagger-esque lashings of paint and traditional portraiture. The Brighton-based illustrator and animator … Read more

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