Amber Asylum: Outer Dark

My band, Bloody Panda, recently had the honor of opening for Amber Asylum in their hometown of San Francisco. The project of primary songwriter and frontwoman Kris Force, the band … Read more


Ludicra at the Hexagon

I’ll admit it gets pretty lonely sometimes being a metalhead in a Wham City-dominated town, but when my buddies in Krallice rolled through with amazing San Franscisco black metal band … Read more



Sigh sound like a black metal demon that fell out of a box of Fruit Loops. Listen to their latest album, Scenes from Hell, while watching the Olympics. You won’t … Read more


Alexander Binder

Alexander Binder’s affinity for the black metal aesthetic permeates his photos, but beyond being just fan worship, Binder’s work reflects how the the membrane between the kvlt and other areas … Read more



Castevet are a promising new experimental black metal band out of New York. They have a much more complex and technical approach than other bands of this ilk, revealing post-hardcore … Read more


Lord Mantis

Lord Mantis is a mish-mash of several different metal tropes, with slow doom passages transitioning into dissonant black metal parts and vocals that span the styles of the genre – … Read more



Colin Marston seems hellbent on making other musicians feel worthless with his numerous and prolific projects that include black metal quartet Krallice (with Mick Barr), prog-tech-thrash band Behold… The Arctopus, … Read more

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