Izzie Klingels

UK illustrator Izzie Klingels creates the loveliest, delicate black and white stippled drawings that she seems to find a myriad of endless applications for. Most interestingly, Klingels appears to do … Read more


Steven Wiltshire

British artist Stephen Wiltshire is known as the ‘human camera’ for being able to render images of entire cityscapes in uncanny detail after only viewing the real scenes once. Wiltshire’s … Read more


Tim Lee

Some beautiful illustration work from Tim Lee — sensual, moody yet unerringly optimistic, they are little story-book tapestries of another time and place.


Erica Eyres

I love art that scares me a little. Erica Eyres somehow manages to make subtly unnerving drawings of distorted figures using nothing more than a ballpoint pen and a piece … Read more


Francis Vallejo

I’m keeping a sharp eye on Florida illustrator Francis Vallejo. Upon first glance, you’d never realize that he is about to enter his senior year at the Ringling School! Vallejo … Read more


Vasco Morao

Obsessive, impossibly intricate art can sometimes veer off into self-congratulatory messes, overwhelming viewers while not having any real substance. Vasco Morao’s Escher-esque line drawings are rather simple, however, and have … Read more


Tom Giesler’s My Anatomy series

Tom Giesler’s My Anatomy series is a playful take on the anatomical charts you might find in a high-school biology lab. They have a boyish, frat boy quality to them, … Read more


Hogie McMurtrie

Hogie McMurtrie spends a lot of time thinking about imaginary cityscapes – his intricate line drawings resemble set-design drawings for Metropolis, Blade Runner, or Indiana Jones.



Melbourne really is one lucky city. Filled to the brim with talented people, and now with another space to play in. Gorker is the newest gallery space to grace Melbourne’s … Read more

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