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Thank You’s Golden Worry

The debut full-length of Baltimore trio Thank You is a celebratory, trance-inducing romp shot through with jagged, frantic guitars, swirling instrumentation (organs, synths, jaw-harps, and harmonicas in addition to the … Read more


Each Others

I’m currently paying for a night of overindulgence, so the super chill music of Baltimore-based Each Others is soothing my throbbing brain. Check out band member John Jones’ equally dreamy … Read more


Witch Hat

I haven’t been even the least bit interested in punk-derived music in a long time, particularly bands taking their cues from 90s hardcore. Baltimore’s Witch Hat is changing that by … Read more


Avocado Happy Hour

Despite their silly name, Baltimore duo Avocado Happy Hour make some disarmingly sincere minimalist pop tunes about cats and food. [Listen to their song Positano Prelude] [audio:http://auralstates.com/Music/ahh%20200901/01-Positano%20Prelude.mp3]


Dope Body

These guys practice in the space above my apartment. They’re good. They combine old school, no-wave chaos with blistering, drunken, punk elements, drawing in some influence from the electroacoustic stuff … Read more



Baltimore-based quartet Arbouretum does a good job at paying homage to the city’s musical heritage, combining the slow burn of crypto-mystical Dischord band Lungfish with blues and gospel elements, making … Read more


Page France

Five feet of snow later and it looks like Baltimore’s finally done with Winter. 65 degrees and the sun shining and I’ve been re-listening to Page France’s jangly folk-pop. Rumor … Read more


Noble Lake

So much of the Baltimore scene seems geared towards day-glo-clad party people, so it’s nice that introspective, country-tinged folk is also well represented here in the form of Noble Lake, … Read more


Sick Weapons

Anointed Best New Band of 2009 by Baltimore’s City Paper, Sick Weapons embody basically what’s so great about this town — trash, and good times. They spit out sloppy, warbling, … Read more

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