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Art book by Monaux

Karl Kwasny, also known as Monaux, has just embarked on a rather ambitious digital art book project – he’ll be publishing one illustration per week for two years. It’ll be one playful … Read more


Ynki by Zoe Keogh

Ynki and her magical and intricate world of imagination is the creation of Berlin-based artist, Zoe Keogh, whose pastels and brightly coloured love injected into her artworks is such a … Read more


Eamo Donnelly

Australian illustrator Eamo Donnelly creates work that is busy, busy and colorful to boot. His illustrations never feel stale, even upon multiple viewings.


Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood is my favorite illustrator. You can’t go wrong with sexy women and robots! He’s from Australia and is extremely prolific, putting out several books a year including his … Read more


Mais wi Pierre!

He may not be French in his spare time, but Australian illustrator Pierre surely does know how to draw, creating wonderfully fractured universes in which the creatures of his imagination … Read more


Sugar by name

Sugar by name, Sugar by … well, so it goes. And so she goes, the Australian artist nomadically, restlessly traveling the globe in search of inspiration, persperation and a different … Read more


Jane Abma

Sydney-based illustrator and designer, Jane Abma, has recently set up her own design studio — 1000 Words — and is keeping herself busy with a variety of interesting projects. I … Read more

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