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Texas Trailer Trash Dolls

Man, Texas gets a bad wrap. What with Austin being the new hipster hangout, and Dallas attracting all the young Republicans, you’d think the State would cut a break. But … Read more


Ferrest Elliot

I really like Austin-based artist Forrest Elliot’s mysterious, abstracted paintings. Juxtaposing thick and layered brushwork with wispy, washed-out sections, his pieces are as much about textures as they are about … Read more


Woven Bones

Austin’s Woven Bones may be the second coming of Jesus and Mary Chain with their fuzzed-out, echoey garage rock. Sometimes they sound a little Iggy Pop-ish, sometimes a little Suicide-ish. … Read more


Festival of Cheese

This event hosted by the American Cheese Society in Austin this weekend is like a cheesy wet dream, a fantasy from the dairy heavens, a date with cheestiny. There will … Read more


Watch Out For Rockets

I caught Austin band Watch Out For Rockets playing the other week at the Beauty Bar, a small smoky den on a bustling hipster strip. Although they hit the stage … Read more

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