Featured Image for Artist Robert Barta scatters 500,000 ball bearings for visitors to walk on

Clouds hiding indoors

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde, who is fascinated by the contrast of temporality and permanance, creates clouds indoors with the help of a remote-controlled smoke machine. The resulting works are simply … Read more


Delicate paperscapes by Joris Kuipers

Formally trained as a painter, Joris Kuipers dresses up blank spaces with layers of picture planes that tumble into and away from each other, like delicate, flighty mobile sculptures. Are … Read more


Dreamy chain-link fence art by Soo Sunny Park

Standing below this incredible installation sculpture at Rice Gallery will make you feel like you’re standing under a dome of a thousand broken rainbows or bubbles. Though chain-link fences are something usually hidden, Soo Sunny … Read more


Dissembled objects, frozen in mid-air

Mexican artist Damián Ortega started out as a political cartoonist, but has since gone through down a decidedly artsy slant to comment on anything from consumer culture to perception. His … Read more

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