Featured Image for Exhibition about New York art scene during the 1970s
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The Selvedge Yard

Heavy on motorcycles, Steve McQueen and the 70s, this blog covers topics I’m already fairly familiar with and adds amazing photography.


The Portrait Machine Project

Using a 1970s Polaroid, aura camera artist Carlo Van De Roer has created a series of photographs that explore the unseen aura energy and characteristics of his friends and family. … Read more


Qiu Yang

Digging on Netherlands-based photographer Qiu Yang’s awesome, subtly surreal photos that riff on color-saturated, ’70s-style furturist minimalism.


Scrambles of Earth

In honor of Carl Sagan day on November 9th, Seeland Records released some remixes of the recordings that were launched into space on the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecrafts in … Read more


Terrence Towel

Terrence Towel, son of Terry the ‘mythical rogue‘ of the 1970s fashion world, has started a revival of his father’s vision in Melbourne. This Australian owned label that manufactures locally … Read more


Douglas Lee

I like boobs as much as anyone, but Douglas Lee’s aesthetic is so the opposite of what happens in my brain most of the time. That’s not to say it … Read more

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