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Nanook wheat-pastes Baltimore

With its countless abandoned buildings and neglected public space, Baltimore is the perfect city for wheat-paste artists. Gaia has set up shop here, and now pieces by Nanook have been … Read more


b A Bolton Hill Bistro, Baltimore

The Bolton Hill neighborhood of Baltimore is beautiful and kind of posh with its gorgeous 19th-century buildings, but there aren’t a lot of businesses there so I was surprised to find … Read more


Baltimore Clap

People may not realize the handclap that features prominently in most Baltimore club tracks isn’t vegan. In fact, it’s downright inhumane. Check out this video to Benga’s Baltimore Clap directed … Read more


Gaia plasters Baltimore

Street artist Gaia has been so prolific here in Baltimore that I initially thought he was from here. Not so. The New York-born wheat-paster is quietly plastering the entire world … Read more

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