Making Waves: Women’s Surfing in Focus

  • Where next for women's surfing?

    Macy Callaghan, Sally Fitzgibbons, Fran Miller, Belinda Baggs and Brooke Farris talk about the future of women's surfing and what an exciting time it is to be involved in the sport today. And let's face it: what an incredible time in history it is to be a woman on the...

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  • Surfer Sally Fitzgibbon

    Iconic Aussie surfing champion, Sally Fitzgibbons, on capturing the natural beauty of her sport

    Champion surfer Sally Fitzgibbons is one of Australia's most respected sportspeople. At just 26-years-old, the girl from Gerroa has locked away three Women's World Tour Wins and was the 2011 World Tour runner-up. Despite an impressive and ever-growing resume, Sally also has a deep passion for the natural beauty of...

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  • The role of social media in women's surfing

    Insights into how the world’s best surfers manage their social media platforms to ensure real engagement with their supporter base. As Sally Fitzgibbon said: "we have to thank the beautiful imagery and the talented photographer who document our sport, our culture."

  • Paying homage to the women surf greats of the past

    Take a look back at the legendary characters of women's surfing and how they've impacted on the careers of current surf icons Sally Fitzgibbons, Macy Callaghan, Belinda Baggs, Brooke Farris and Fran Miller. In episode three of Canon's Women in Surf Series, Images of Change looks back at the polarising...

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  • The power of imagery in women's surfing

    Listen to a fascinating discussion around the use of powerful, evocative imagery to promote women's surfing. Modern Imagery, episode two of Canon’s Women in Surf series, explores the interesting collide of personal image and brand marketing. What does Brooke look for in an image of her athletes when her underlying...

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  • Interview with surf photographer Fran Miller

    Imagine living your dreams and spending every moment doing what you love. Well, it's possible, as surf photographer Fran Miller can attest to. As Sally Fitzgibbon has noted, "The World Surf League has done an incredible job at elevating women’s surfing. The sport is growing at a rapid rate. There’s...

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