International Creative Picks

  • Gavin Hurley

    This artist glues layers of books and burlaps to make unique portraits

    Some artists use ink, watercolour, or oil, while others use… hessian sacks? Kiwi artist Gavin Hurley creates visually unique portraits and paintings of historical figures using a cut and paste style involving old books, textured papers, and as mentioned, burlaps. Referencing the likes of JFK, Madame Curie, and Queen Elizabeth,...

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  • Chie Yoshii

    Japanese artist explores the human psyche with surreal paintings (NSFW)

    Los Angeles-based, Japanese-born artist Chie Yoshii is set to debut a new solo show that reflects on psychology, mythology, and dreams. The show, aptly entitled 夢 (DREAMS), will feature 11 new oil paintings and three drawings on paper in Yoshii’s surreal female figurative style. With lifelike compositions inspired by mythological...

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  • Mapuguaquén

    These hand-thrown clay speakers combine tech with sustainability

    Usually, clay pots are used to store food or used as décor, but a Chilean studio has designed pottery with an unconventional purpose: music. Created by Documentary Design co-founders Pablo Ocqueteau and Philine von Düszeln, the Mapuguaquén clay speakers combine wireless tech with sustainability through the use of organic materials...

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  • Fern by Johnny Kelly

    FERN: a dark comedy about a woman who gets intimate with her houseplant

    Talk about an odd couple. In his first live-action film, entitled FERN, director John Kelly explores grief and coping through the unlikely relationship between a woman and her house plant. Commissioned by the UK’s Channel 4, the short begins with a widow (portrayed by BAFTA winner Monica Dolan) stumbling upon...

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  • Mice, a small story

    This animated film about mice perfectly summarises the LOTR trilogy

    If there’s one word to describe this short film, it’s this: precious. For their year-end project, a team of graduating students from ISART Digital in Paris, France, have produced an animated film that reimagines The Lord of the Rings trilogy with mice. The four-minute short - entitled Mice, a small...

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  • Enough by Anna Mantzaris

    Enough: a cathartic film about giving in to our strange impulses

    Would it be weird to admit that we can relate to every one of these? In her stop-motion film, entitled Enough, filmmaker Anna Mantzaris explores the impulses we all feel but never act upon. Made during her first year at the Royal College of Art, the humorous animated short presents...

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  • Chalk Drawers

    These sculptural pieces playfully reimagine the way we use chalk

    We’ve been using chalk the same way for thousands of years – that is, until now. New York City-based artist Nikolas Bentel has launched a collection of sculptural chalk pieces that’ll change how we see and interact with the drawing material. The items, called Chalk Drawers, feature geometrically-precise shapes 3D-printed...

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  • Ian Dow

    Man revamps old ambulance to travel the world with his dog

    Their story gives us life. In 2016, fresh from a nasty breakup, Ian Dow from California decided to buy himself a camper and travel the world with his dog, Dino. However, instead of getting a van, he got something more unconventional: an ambulance. “I'd been searching for a van to...

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  • Melt Down by Amy Xu

    Enjoy this surreal animated film about people melting from stress

    It’s basically us on weekdays. For her senior project at Pratt University, animator Amy Xu made a short film that imagines a world wherein people melt whenever they feel stressed. Aptly entitled Melt Down, the five-minute piece introduces us to a boy who is forced to go outside to run...

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  • &around

    British artist '&around' debuts new single recorded from his iPhone

    While most musicians do their recording in the studio, South London-based DJ ‘&around’ does his in hostels and camper vans. Last month, British tropical pop singer and producer Sam Simon, better known as ‘&around’ released his latest track City Livers, which he described as a “simple feel good sneaky dropper”...

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  • Aprilli Design Studio

    Self-driving hotel rooms could be the best way to travel yet

    You’ve heard of self-driving cars, but have you heard of self-driving hotel suites? Steve Lee of Aprilli Design Studio in Los Angeles has come up with a concept that could revolutionise the way we travel. Get this: instead of taking a car, a train, or a plane to get to...

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  • Joanna Grochowska

    Meet the photographer who turns models into erotic mannequins (NSFW)

    Polish photographer Joanna Grochowska’s images blur the distinction between human and non-human. Inspired by the grotesque, plastic dolls of Hans Bellmer, her photos depict women as bound, faceless mannequins. With their faces covered in masks, rope, and even wax, it’s hard to determine the thoughts of these figures in their...

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