International Creative Picks

  • Planar House by Studio MK27

    This home with a green roof overlooks Brazil's breathtaking countryside

    In the municipality of Porto Feliz in Sao Paulo, Brazil, firm Studio MK27 has designed a house that take the concept of green architecture quite literally. Called the ‘Planar House’, the 1,000 square metre residence is located on top of a hill overlooking the lush Brazilian countryside. As if mimicking...

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  • Hikari Shimoda

    Japanese artist Hikari Shimoda celebrates ten years of work with new exhibit

    One of the most widely recognised names in contemporary art in Japan, Hikari Shimoda features 40 new and old works in her ongoing show. Since turning into a full-time artist in 2008, Shimoda has mesmerised and shocked audiences both locally and internationally with colourful portraits of starry-eyed children whose throats...

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  • Elos

    Finally, a skateboard perfectly made for beginners and commuters

    The thrill of riding a skateboard, but with fewer gnarly wipeouts. San Jose, California-based company Elos has debuted a compact, stable, and easy-to-learn skateboard built specifically for beginner and urban commuters in mind. Called the Elos Skateboard, the item features a deck that’s wide and more stable with a low...

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  • Geert Weggen

    Meet the photographer behind the squirrel wedding of the year

    This is way better than the Royal Wedding. Dutch photographer Geert Weggen has published a photo series that gives us an inside look at the most-awaited event of the year: a squirrel wedding. In the series, the couple partakes in romantic ceremonies such as arriving in a horse-drawn carriage, exchanging...

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  • Spell of the West by Sam Lane

    Spell of the West is a weird film every eco-warrior would love

    In her short film Spell of the West, animator Sam Lane presents a tale that’s part advocacy, part contemporary art showcase. In the seven-minute animation, we meet Cowgirl Rose whose daily routine at her cacti farm is disrupted when three birds ask her to solve a mystery: who cut down...

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  • Tend by Animade

    Tend: the animated short film every parent needs to see

    In their animated short film Tend, studio Animade shows parents the most important thing they can ever give their children: their attention. Written and directed by filmmakers Tom Judd and Ed Barrett for WeTransfer, the eight-minute short tells the story of a dad and daughter living peacefully in the wilderness....

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  • A Father's Day by Mat Johns

    This zombie film will make you want to give your dad a hug

    It’s a short film that dads and their children should be (un)dying to see. In time for Father’s Day last weekend, director Mat Johns put out a short film that shows the special connection between a parent and his child, and how it can never break – or decay. The...

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  • Say Brave

    We're digging the 'dark and wonderful' new single, Make My Day, from Brave

    True to the project’s name, Say Brave, its feature single Make My Day is exactly that – brave. Say Brave is an electronic music project under Ultra Records, with its name inspired by the willingness to speak one’s truth in the face of adversity. Its new single, Make My Day,...

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  • Superorganism

    Get excited: Superorganism is coming to Australia in July

    The diverse eight-piece band will be at Splendour in the Grass, as well as Sydney and Melbourne. Superorganism, the London-based group with members from around the world, will be arriving in Australia in July. They’ll be performing tunes from their self-titled debut album, which includes previously released tracks such as...

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  • MNM

    MNM's musical lucky cat statue to perform at Krake in Berlin

    It’s a must-see event for crazy cat ladies. In a project called MNM, artists Mieko Suzuki, Christian Graupner, and Ming Poon, perform using an audio-visual system involving a traditional Maneki-Neko figurine – one of those golden cat statues you always see at sushi restaurants. The machine is basically a bizarre...

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  • Grassland Repair

    10,000 plants are installed in a museum to highlight Australia's eco problem

    Only one percent of Australia’s diverse grasslands that existed in 1788 now remains. The installation Grassland Repair at Venice Biennale 2018 hopes to help change that. Curated by Mauro Baracco and Louise Wright of Baracco+Wright Architects, the installation features 10,000 plants, including 65 various grassland species, effectively turning a pavilion...

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  • Kraken

    Artist brings remote French ruins to life with Kraken attack

    Usually, giant sea monsters can be found, well, out at sea. But in artist Thomas Voillaume’s latest work, the kraken can now be found in the French Alps. In his project, entitled Kraken, Voillaume (also known as APACH) built a giant wooden installation of a kraken seemingly crawling out of...

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