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We’re pleased to see that you’re interested in writing for Lost At E Minor. We’ve got a great writing team already and we’re always looking to welcome more talent.

We cover anything that makes our readers go ‘ooooh’, ‘aaaah’, ‘aaaww’ and ‘woaah’. From baby dolphins to random strangers giving the finger, we’re interested in everything that’s new.

Lost At E Minor sits happily between art, humour and internet culture, so if you have anything to show us in any of these areas, we’re keen to hear what you have to say!

We are looking for short and succinct stories that cover a story clearly and concisely (we also like a touch of cheeky humour). In the past we’ve covered topics as diverse as lost Miles Davis recordings and the sushi bazooka, so don’t worry about making your idea the same as our content, just so long as it’s new and awesome.

Avoid clichés, hyperbole and cynical ramblings. We are not interested in your ‘top 15 most hilarious cat photos’ or ‘miracle get-rich-quick acne cures’.

When submitting a post remember images MUST BE saved as JPEGS and at least 805px wide (preferably larger) and saved for web at 60 quality. If they are not saved for web, chances are they will not go through and your upload will time out.

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We do our very best to keep on top of submitted posts, so please bear with us. Once you’ve submitted something to us don’t forget to keep an eye on the Lost At E Minor homepage for when your post goes live.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that every reader submission will run on the site, but if it fits what we’re looking for, then your chances are very good.

Shoot us a message if you have any questions about contributing posts.

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