Wen Vo


Adam Smith

Philadelphia-based artist Adam Smith is known for his awesome illustration. As a member of Part Time Studios he’ll be participating in their one year anniversary show, Small Jawns, featuring small-works … Read more


My Jello Americans

This Holiday season bring out the gelatin and rum. My Jello Americans is a small craft/food business located in Philadelphia that creates very special treats. Their last catered event was … Read more


Alex Lukas draws Philadelphia

In a city full of run-down buildings, bum fights, carved names on stone walls and burnt down cars after a victorious Phillies game, you can find artist: Alex Lukas. McJAWN … Read more


Sammy Slice and Cool Hand Luke

Up-and-coming party boys Sammy Slice and Cool Hand Luke make up one extraordinary team. Their unique spin on music encompasses a mix of indie, hip-hop, reggae and dance. They rock … Read more


Shawn Hileman

Shawn Hileman, last name pronounced (HIL-men) with a very strong German accent, is a Philadelphia-based designer, specializing in printmaking.


The Monster Show

Two Saturdays ago, McJAWN and Masthead Print Studio held the Monster Show, featuring artwork from over 40 different local artists, curated by illustrator and designer JP Flexner and Shawn Hileman.


First and Fifteenth in Philadelphia

Check out First and Fifteenth, housing famous Philly street artist, Stephen Powers, aka ESPO. Cornbread, the world’s first notable graffiti artist, used to tag his girlfriend’s name all around the … Read more

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