Tobias Hall


Charles Williams (aka Made Up)

Charles Williams is a designer, typographer and illustrator working out of London. If he’s not fashioning beautiful portraits for GQ magazine out of angular and rounded shapes of texture, he … Read more


The silhouetted art of Yury Ustsinau

Frankfurt-based artist, illustrator and designer Yuri Ustsinau creates surreal silhouetted figures with multiple-limbs and a plastic sheen. I first came across his work on the Behance Network, and have been … Read more


Ben Grasso

Ben Grasso creates some of the most exciting paintings I have ever seen. He depicts exploding (or imploding, or disintegrating, I can’t decide) natural and architectural structures, often at surreal … Read more


Ruben Ireland artworks

Sometimes I come across an artist that i’m instantly jealous of. London-based Ruben Ireland is one of them. His work walks the line between illustration and fine art, fitting seamlessly … Read more


Tom Buch illustrations

Illustrator Tom Buch started out his career as an illustrator specialising in digital painting. Nowadays, he works on everything from impressive 3D models in Z-brush and Cinema 4D, to fantastic … Read more

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