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The Boyfriend Arm Pillow

In Japan, like in other countries of the world, more people are living alone. So experts on commercialization have created products to satisfy a new demand. One of the most … Read more


The Fish n Flush

The Fish n Flush is a fully functional aquarium that can be installed into almost every toilet, turning it into a centre of attention and fishy fun. It was developed … Read more

Cool Websites


It was not enough for Jonathan Zawada to learn the rule of three at school. Now he does a mathematic equation to mix things up with fashion. He equates a … Read more


Late 80s film posters from Ghana

The Mobile Cinema was an interesting experience in Ghana in the late 80s in which some touring film groups travelled from town to town, bringing to people mini-theaters thanks to … Read more

Cool Websites

Sketchy Santas

Most of us would agree that the Christmas holiday is a lot more magical and fun when you’re a child. Everyone keeps good memories of that time in childhood, like … Read more


Woman shaped mouse by Pat Says Now

The Swiss company Pat Says Now recently launched a collectible woman-shaped mouse, dressed up in soccer jerseys. There are five national teams: England, Brazil, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Each girl-mouse … Read more


Virgin Mary toaster

We already know that you won’t feel like going to church on Sunday morning to confess your sins of the last Saturday night. But now at least you will be … Read more

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