Sonya Gee


Three Minute Sydney

Last week, a bunch of young Sydney creatives were asked to describe their vision for the city in the time it usually takes to run to the bus stop, boil … Read more


A4 activism

So simple, yet surprisingly effective, a black and white printed poster strapped to a telegraph poll still has the power to entertain, offend and inform. Especially when they deviate from … Read more


Graffiti in the West Bank

Banky’s done it before and now so can you, at least metaphorically. A group of Palestinian graf artists will spray-paint emailed messages onto the massive concrete wall that divides Israel … Read more


Sydney’s Little Gnome Garden

This isn’t an outdoor art installation, but it is still somewhat curated. Or maybe hoarded is a better description. Somewhere in the inner western suburb of Sydney’s Summer Hill, there … Read more

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